Smart City Mission by Govt. of India

The Smart Cities Mission is a flagship initiative of the Government of India launched in 2015 with the aim of promoting sustainable and inclusive urban development. The mission seeks to transform Indian cities into smart cities, using technology and data-driven solutions to enhance livability, sustainability, and economic growth. Under the Smart Cities Mission, 100 cities

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Transit oriented development in India

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a planning approach that promotes mixed-use development around public transit stations, with the aim of reducing car dependency and promoting sustainable urban growth. While TOD has gained popularity in several countries around the world, its implementation in India has been limited. In recent years, however, there has been growing interest in

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What is Transportation Planning?

Transportation planning is the process of developing and implementing strategies and policies to improve transportation systems in urban and regional areas. It involves analyzing current transportation patterns, identifying transportation needs, and developing plans and policies to address those needs. Transportation planning typically involves considering multiple modes of transportation, including roads, highways, public transit, walking, and

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